The First

So, here is my commitment to myself. I promise to update Manic Mama at least once a week. I promise to be honest, not to gloss things over or make them less or more than what they are. Lastly, I promise to try and use this blog to learn more about myself. That out of the way, first things first yes? A small introduction for blogland. I am Mellissa, 30 years old, mom to four kidlettes; 11 year old Aryanna, 10 year old Aoghdan, (that's Aiden for those who are going "wha?...") Ian-Michael who is 8 and Katrine aka "Kitty" who's 2nd birthday is rapidly approaching. I have been with the love of my life, John, for going on ten years now. Yes, I know, people say that a lot in these things don't they? "Loving husband, soul mate, snoochy boochy cupcake" but I promised to be honest and so you see, it's the truth. He is my truest love and "the Missing Piece" to my rolling circle. (Any other Shel Silverstien lovers out there? I tell you, he was a prophet, that man.) We are a military family and after having been stationed in beautiful Wiesbaden, Germany for years, we now live in small town(ish) Tennessee. Now remember, I promised to be honest. I hate it here. It's god-awful boring and most days I feel as if I'm living in some sort intelligence suck. I miss museums that don't deal with quilts, military memorabilia or trains. I miss the walkplatz, the Christmas Mart, walking all weekend while seeing castles, graves that are hundreds of years old, duck at the Mayflower, Danny Boys, yes, blah blah blah. The plus to being here is that we bought our first home and hey, that's nothing to sniff at. Good with the bad and all that. So there it is. Me in a very small nutshell, as I stand right this moment. Bummed about where I live, diggin' my man and loving my kiddos. More to come.


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