When I Was But a Girl

Diet coke. Check. Caribou Coffee Chocolate Mocha Granola Bar. Check. I am now ready to blog.

You know what I miss? I miss the 90's. I miss boys with long hair, I miss dresses with combat boots, I miss girl power and the Crow; I miss Soundgarden and Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains. I long for a time when Linda Perry was considered a female role model because she was loud and proud and didn't take shit from anyone. When girls wanted to be strong and educated and make thier own choices and all the chicks I knew were damn proud to be woman and we listened to girl bands and made stands and knew we were destined to be woman with a loud voice. What the hell happened? This brave new world we had waited for, that we had planned for and fought for on our own teenage battlefield has become a wasteland of the worst possible role models for our girls. Woman who have no self-respect, who are stupid and vapid and actually think that makes them better in the public eye. It's considered cool to be those things. If you're smart you're boring, if you're political and feminist you're just a "feminazi". I shudder for my girls. What's a mom to do to give her girls the power she felt as a teenager?

Okay, this is a repost from a previous blog that I no longer have. It was a favorite that I still feel a lot of truth in. A friend mentioned that I should post it here to have a more complete picuture of myself. So, there you have it.


lisa said...

I couldn't agree more. Girls today need better role models. I am totally gonna go make some friendship bracelets now and send them to all my friends! Well, I will at least put it on my to do list!

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